haven't stiffened Landy frames st all. They don't really have the power to need it. Later frames had a couple of webs or bars added for giggles, but not really anything of consequence. From factory, the 109s have an extra strip (double layer) in high-stress narrow sections - so that's as good a trick as any - but I… » 4/15/14 7:25pm Tuesday 7:25pm

Convince you not to? Not happening. There's an early 50s Olds I've passed in SC by the road probably a hundred times and it still hurts to see. Every time. It doesn't matter in what way, get it on the road. Save the Olds Hulks. » 3/17/14 7:31pm 3/17/14 7:31pm

#hot wheels/matchbox/johnnylightning(!)lopnik

Apologies for potato picture, raided the dollar store and Tractor Supply and got the following:
Silver '92 M3 (Hot Wheels)
"Desert Thunder V16" (Matchbox)
Datsun Bluebird 510 (HW)
BMW 2002 - orange (HW)
Seagrave Fire Engine (MB)
Corvette Stingray Concept (HW)
and finally, a Johnny Lightning '77 Dodge Monaco taxi (lolol). The… » 3/14/14 9:40pm 3/14/14 9:40pm