CJ Pony has a Madlibs-ish part type descripty-thingy - "Mustang"

"The Mustang Suspension is an important system that protects you and your passengers from a painful ride down the road, since you would otherwise be feeling each and every bump of the road. The Mustang suspension also protects many of the Mustang engine components in your Mustang, since they would otherwise be bounced… » 7/28/14 9:49pm Monday 9:49pm

It's terribly unclear. "losing complete control" - meant to say "completely losing control"? Those two things are not the same - first would mean "no longer having *complete* control" i.e. losing some aspects, but I suspect he meant the latter. » 7/19/14 8:59am 7/19/14 8:59am

That's actually about the going rate or less. Rule of thumb used to be for Star Wars Lego to budget 10 cents a brick and standard sets a touch less. That rate was over ten years ago. Specialty sets like the architect ones with weird finishes or material are much more. Since then the rates per piece have gone up a… » 7/19/14 8:40am 7/19/14 8:40am

As I understand it, no. I don't deal much with things called cam followers per se by that terminology, but in general though a cam follower is anything following the cam, it seems to typically refer to the more solid mechanisms thereof. There are "solid cam followers" which strongly resemble hydraulic lifters, but are… » 7/19/14 12:07am 7/19/14 12:07am