If it's anything like the earlier 90s Ranger, the slave cylinder is coaxial to the input shaft of the trans. In other words, you have to pull the trans to get at it. Big-time PITA if so, but just about any running car at $500 is a reasonable deal. I think the 4.0 is a pretty decent engine, though with some quirks. I'm… » 10/29/14 12:03am Wednesday 12:03am

I've got a 2.88 for the Ranchero. Then again, first gear for the trans I've got is a stupidly low 3.42, and I'm going to have somewhere north of 250lb-ft in a ~2500lb car with moderate size 15" wheels. A Town Car it is not. » 10/28/14 11:46pm Tuesday 11:46pm

There needs to be a good term for AWD systems with full lock, so you can classify classic 4wd, that type, and non-locking/torque distributing systems of the two kinds: self-balanced/torque balanced or unmanaged and electronic/TCS-managed. Maybe call it dual-mode 4wd or something. HHFP glosses over that a bit, but in a… » 10/24/14 8:40pm 10/24/14 8:40pm